Monday, March 5, 2007

4 Out of 5 Bushies Agree

Senator Collins gets a presidential support score of 79 from Congressional Quarterly.

The Senator will go to great lengths over the next two years to distance herself from the administration. But over the last six years, on issues large and small, she has been an advocate, supporter and enabler of the destructive and poisonous policies of President George W. Bush.

Her accountability moment awaits.


the zoom said...

Is there a slight chance that Bush advocated what she did?

She has a good chance of wining...Just look at her record.

Rebecca Z. said...

She can hold herself accountable when she demands and accepts responsibility for the actions of the Republican led Congress -- avoiding oversight responsibility for the Executive branch which led to illegal spying on US citizens, politization of the Judicial branch, acts of treason including outing a CIA covert agent, and lies that led to an unnecessary war.

The way our nation has been led is egregious. Collins is part of the problem. She should be calling for the president's impeachment, not aiding and abetting his criminal behavior.

I can only ask, "What's wrong with this nation, that we are not outraged?"