Friday, April 13, 2007

Lieberman Endorses Collins?

That's what it looks like. (Scroll down to the sixth item.)

As Mark Murray points out, this isn't exactly a shock.

But it is more evidence that Collins' re-election is seen as vital by members of the pro-escalation caucus. And they're right.

After all, Collins has endorsed the escalation's biggest Republican supporter for President--why should't she be endorsed by its only non-Republican supporter?

Heck, Sen. Lieberman (CFL-CT) isn't even waiting to see who her Democratic opponent turns out to be before endorsing.

Wonder why.

Maybe because he knows that no matter who she faces, Collins will be a more reliable vote for the pro-war agenda than her Democratic opponent.

UPDATE: From The Politico (and via Senate Guru 2008) we learn that Lieberman's PAC is giving Collins $5,000!

In other words more out of state money!

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Hey -

I couldn't find your contact information listed. Americans United for Change is working on a new project and I'd love to tell you more about what's happening in Maine. Where can I email you?

You can email me at erie (at) bluestatedigital (dot) com.