Saturday, June 9, 2007

Gonzales Watch

A highlight from today's Firedoglake chat with Rep. Allen:

Chris from Maine @ 36: The Senate will vote on a no confidence resolution for Attorney General Gonzales on Monday. If you were in the Senate Congressman Allen, how would you vote and do you think the Attorney General should resign?

[Allen:] I would vote for the no confidence resolution, and I will continue to urge the Attorney General to resign. This is not just any Executive Branch position. The Attorney General is responsible for the faithful execution of the laws and once chosen by the President, should conduct himself and his office to be above politics. Certainly, Janet Reno gave President Clinton fits at times. The apparent attempt to intimidate U. S. Attorneys from pursuing legal cases against Republicans is clear cause for removal of Gonzales.
Will Sen. Collins vote against allowing the Gonzales no-confidence resolution to come to the floor?

Will she try, in other words, to keep her tacit support for Gonzales off the Senate record? Or will she come clean? Stay tuned.

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