Thursday, December 6, 2007

Condescension Watch

Check out this passage from the latest post at Susan's Blog:

A remarkable aspect of our state is the interest and involvement of our residents in foreign policy. Wherever I travel in Maine, from our biggest cities to our smallest villages, I am consistently impressed by the interest the people of Maine have in better understanding the world and our place in it.
Okay, not exactly earth-shattering.

But it does reek of the patronizing attitude that comes from being in Washington too long. (Can you believe it? Those quaint small town folks actually find time to think about things!)

Memo to the junior senator: Of course Mainers are working to understand these issues. With our soldiers caught in the middle of a civil war and our national reputation in the tank, they have no choice.

Our know-nothing foreign policy leaders--enabled six of the last seven years by weak-kneed Republican congressional majorities--certainly haven't been minding the store.


Anonymous said...

Even better is that not once i her blog entry did she mention what she actually said at the WCA's 30th celebration, nor provide a link to her remarks at this public event.

Perhaps her next blog entry (which ought to be ready to post about 4 January) will include some text of her speech.

Contrapositive said...

A fair point.

I've actually tried--unsuccessfully--to track down those comments. If anyone can point me toward them, please do.