Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Billions of New Taxes"?

If you're wondering how Sen. Collins would reform health care--and pay for that reform--you won't find out in this seven minute video.

But you will get to watch Susan Collins talk down to Mainers like only she can.

Along the way, she works in all the standard GOP distortions, manufacturers a couple of her own, cites a hospital executive--who happens to be a campaign donor--to bolster her argument, and poses, astoundingly, as a fiscal conservative.

Did I mention that the production values are laughable and that her text is occasionally ungrammatical?

In short, good clean fun for the holidays.

1 comment:

Bruce Bourgoine said...

Total miss: this is the most misfocused, misstated, misguided, misrelated, misgauged, misrendered, misperceived, mishandled, misreported, misinformed, misbalanced, mismatched, lecture of misdiagnosis, misunderstanding, misperception, misreference, miusinterpretation, mischaracterization, misjudgement, and misrepresentation, mishap of a misfire yet from Susan Collins.