Sunday, September 5, 2010

Everybody Love Olympia?

In a slanted 2000+ word profile clearly meant to build up Sen. Snowe rather than examine her performance, Rebekah Metzler at MaineToday rounds up not a single serious in-state criticism of Saint Olympia.

Everybody we hear from--left, right and center--seems to think Maine's senior senator is doing a pretty fantastic job.

And yet it took me no time to track down a dissenter, even on a lazy Labor Day weekend afternoon.

Here's Andrew Ian Dodge (with whom we've spoken about Snowe previously):

A typical puff piece by the Portland Press Herald... the biggest weak link in the Senate and put together with the other RINOs Collins, Brown and Graham, a continuing thorn in the side of the conservative (of all types) cause.

I have yet to attend an tea party event anywhere where her name does not cause an enthusiastic outbreak of boos from the audience.
I bet there are a few other Mainers out there--maybe even some on the left--who have misgivings about Snowe.

At least a couple of them would probably even be willing to talk to a reporter with a deadline.

UPDATE: We've made a few more observations over at Twitter.

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David DeAngelo said...

So much of my blogging these days (which has admittedly been rare due to my busy work schedule) is purely reactionary. I guess that's the nature of the beast with political commentary. Today I ended up pulled over to a NYT interview between Gail Collins and David Brooks. During the interview they very casually discussed the 8/28 Glenn Beck rally in DC and addressed (but never really answered) the question of "What does the TEA Party really want?"