Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quote of the Day

Sen. Collins on Sarah Palin:

“I think she likes being a celebrity commentator for Fox and a speaker and being able to provide for her family,” Collins said. “I think that life appeals to her. It’s a lot easier to charge people up than to actually govern.”
UPDATE: As I alluded to on Twitter, Collins' comment will likely be seen through the prism of ideology--as a moderate lashing out at a conservative.

But that misses the point. Collins considers Karl Rove an old friend. She raised money for incoming Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) and gave money to incoming Gov. Paul LePage.

So this isn't about a moderate going after a conservative. It's about a creature of the GOP establishment going after an outsider.


Anonymous said...

LePage was the Tea Party candidate in Maine. So I don't think the insinuation that she is anti Tea arty is accurate.

Contrapositive said...

Of course, Collins didn't endorse LePage until after the which time the Maine GOP establishment had no choice but to make its peace with him.

Bruce Bourgoine said...

Whatever way the GOP chill wind blows is exactly where one will find Susan Collins. A little bashing of Sarah Palin is occurring at the moment and she is happen to join in; should Palin be the GOP 2012 (Let's hope not.) nominee, Collins will run to the front of the endorsement line.

Bruce Bourgoine said...

"happy" not "happen"

I'm happy that I happened to notice!