Friday, July 6, 2012

Burying the Lede

Via Bruce Bourgoine, here are paragraphs 13 and 14 of Mal Leary's July 3 story on the Affordable Care Act in the Bangor Daily News:

Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican, said there may be a way around [a future Democratic] filibuster [of an Affordable Care Act repeal] through a parliamentary maneuver she was told about just before the recess for the Fourth of July holiday. She said there is an argument that it will only take a simple majority for repeal, but she said that is not certain.

"Stay tuned," she said.
Stay tuned, indeed.

I haven't looked into Collins' claim, but I'm pretty sure the parliamentary maneuver she's talking about is the one stipulating that the filibuster is a sacred check on authoritarian overreach when invoked by Republicans and an undemocratic abomination when used by Democrats.

I'm kidding. Barely.

More seriously, the article underscores the fact that Maine press only breaks important news about Sen. Collins when it does so inadvertently.


Bruce Bourgoine said...

Senator Collins carries on the moderate myth torch for both her and soon ex-Senator Snowe. How utterly and devastatingly cynical, to seemingly express glee at potentially taking away progress toward health care access for Maine citizens she purports to represent. Keeping an eye on her campaign chest would be wise for her malserved constituents.

Thanks for picking up on this because it is flying under the radar during the current Senate campaign.

Anonymous said...

I am sick to death of this political gamesmanship. We sent these people to DC to get the work of the people done. What have they done in the last four years except to do the opposite of anything the President wants. I once thought Ms Collins was there work in a bipartisan way to make certain our gov works. Now I see that it is only a game to her and her party. They are running our country into the ground by doing no work. Dammit! I am sick of these freeloaders getting paid, getting great health insurance, etc. to do NOTHING!