Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eleven Days

On January 3, Sen. Susan Collins spoke with WCSH6's Pat Callaghan:

CALLAGHAN: I think 1.3 million Americans lost their [unemployment] benefits at the end of the year. Millions more may if action is not taken. So your, your approach is, is what?

COLLINS: My approach is that we should extend the program for three months. That would help us find funds to pay for it.

Today Collins voted to filibuster a bill which would have extended the program for three months on the grounds that, um, well, er...


Anonymous said...

Because she wants to also restore the COLA cut to our Service Members' pension, and unlike the Democrats actually PAY for the three months of extended UI ... all of which the Democrats blocked.

Collins Watch said...

So...why didn't she actually say that to Callaghan rather than what she really said? Why are we forced to rely on sympathetic divinations from anonymous blog commenters to find out her "true" intentions?