Sunday, March 18, 2007

Collins: Gonzales Not My Business

Sen. Collins breaks her silence on the US Attorneys scandal to tell the Associated Press the following:

"I do not think the attorney general has served the president well, but it is up to the president to decide on General Gonzales' continued tenure."
Reading between the lines, the implicit point Collins is making here is that what happens in the executive branch is none of her business.

(Of course, several of her Republican colleagues have had no trouble calling for Gonzales' resignation.)

Interesting to know that, six years into the President's term, she still believes he deserves this kind of deference.


Roy G Gedat said...

No surprise there. The Senator certainly doesn't want to upset the Prez...

KayInMaine said...

Well, Bush appointed Gonzales and the Senate approved him, which means the Senate (the voice of the people) can also can his ass. The End.

Susan Collins can suck eggs...

tomforsenate said...

Unbelievable. Complete dereliction of duty as far as her constitutional mandate to provide a check on the executive branch.

Hard to say why she is doing this for Bush. With his unpopularity, he certainly won't be much of a help to her in a '08 campaign, especially since we are generally a "blue" state.

Great blog by the way! Well written and researched