Thursday, January 17, 2008

KJ Letters Again

Elizabeth St.Laurent of Augusta has had two pro-Collins letters published in the Kennebec Journal in the last month.

And a third Collins-touting letter she wrote ran back in April. (That one is featured on the junior senator's campaign website.)

Good for St.Laurent for getting all that ink.

But how many candidate-backing fluff letters can one person write before the KJ decides it's enough?


Gerald said...

Perhaps she was compelled to respond to this one:


Maine Owl said...

We've got one R.J. Winglass dateline Surry in the BDN today (also a Collins ringer?):

From what R.J. writes, you wouldn't even think Collins was a Republican. She's on a great progressive campaign to eliminate tax breaks for oil & gas companies and redistribute wealth to the poor. In fact, nowhere does this letter say "Republican" or "R", while "Democratic" or "D" appear four times.