Friday, May 22, 2009

Questions for the Weekend

The Hill:

"He has every right to speak out about issues he cares about, and he has some valid points to make," said centrist GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine [on former Vice President Dick Cheney's recent volubility].
What "valid" points does Sen. Collins think Cheney has been making?

When it comes to the facts, the morals and the law, does she more or less accept Cheney's view? Or would she prefer to associate herself with the ideas put forward by President Obama?

Even more to the point: What does Sen. Collins think about stress positions, sleep deprivation and waterboarding?

And why hasn't someone--anyone--with access and a megaphone asked her these questions?

1 comment:

Andre said...

Well, it sounds like the Senator is back in her element - enabling a right wing extremist. She seemed to be aimless there for a while, acting on the habits she developed over W's eight years, enabling every extreme policy he could come up with. She now seems jubilant that she can again enable.