Thursday, May 14, 2009

Caps Off

It's no surprise that Sen. Collins voted against capping the interest rates charged by credit card companies.

But I'm curious about The Times' claim that there's a groundswell of interest in the (lopsided) vote.

People who still don't understand that financial institutions call the shots in Washington--and with the Republican party in particular--simply haven't been paying attention.

They certainly didn't watch the Allen-Collins race closely.

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Anonymous said...

You can find Roll Call Vote #191 here:

And note that newly minted Democrat Arlen Specter also voted Nay, as did turncoat Joe Lieberman. Carper (D-MBNA) also did, as did both senators from Wal-Martansas - errr - Arkansas.

Jeanne Shaheen and Debbie Stabenow were surprise Nays.

But you are correct - it's not like these senators have the best interest in those that actually are able to cast votes for them at heart - no, it's those that can give them the most money that count.

Gerald Weinand