Monday, October 11, 2010

Talk Is Cheap


Alzheimer's advocacy groups are concerned that...costly failures may dissuade drugs companies and government-funded institutions from investing further in Alzheimer's research.

Speaking at the launch last week of a new advocacy group, USAgainstAlzheimer's, Republican Senator Susan Collins said the balance of spending on care versus research was badly skewed.

"For every dollar that the federal government spends today on the costs of Alzheimer's care, it invests less than a penny in research to find a cure. That simply does not make sense," she told reporters on a conference call.
So does Collins want the government to cut back on care for Alzheimer's patients within Medicare and Medicaid, and at the VA?

Does she instead want to increase Alzheimer's research funding?

And if it's the latter, how does she propose to pay for this new research push given her recent rhetoric about the importance of fiscal discipline?

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