Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who Is She Kidding?

With the help of her lackeys in the press, probably most Mainers.

Without bold, urgent action, we are heading toward a future of financial stagnation, bogged down by costly entitlements, slow job creation, and sluggish economic growth," [Collins] said.

"This is the stark economic and fiscal environment that will confront the next OMB Director. We need common-sense analyses of what is working and what is not. We require honest assessments of fiscal realities, untarnished by political calculus. And, we expect the courage to admit mistakes and change course.
One of the myths about Sen. Collins that's most destructive and least tethered to reality is the notion that she's some sort of fiscal conservative.

In fact, on budget issues she's a quintessential bad actor. And she's an important part of the problem.


Because Collins votes for virtually all the spending. And then she turns around and votes for all the tax cuts. (If anyone knows of a meaningful, Republican-sponsored tax cut she's voted against, please let us know.)

And then, after supporting trillions in red ink spending and tax cuts that create trillions more in debt, she has the audacity to turn around and lecture others about fiscal discipline. Even while supporting further budget-busting tax cuts.

It's kind of revolting.

The Maine media's refusal to broach the subject is also pretty perturbing, and probably part of the problem. (Over the last four years, I've seen Collins asked just a single straightforward question on the subject, and it elicited gibberish from the junior senator.)

Bottom line: Any way you slice it, Collins has no standing to criticize anyone about the deficit. It really is that simple.

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