Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Early Bellows Reaction

I reached out to some Maine political players today to ask for reaction to Shenna Bellows's entry into the 2014 race. Responses have started to trickle in. I may update as I hear from others. In no particular order:

Mike Tipping, communications director of the Maine People's Alliance:

Shenna is smart, capable and knows what it means to be the underdog. I'm confident she's going to make the most of this campaign.

Eliza Townsend, executive director of the Maine Women's Lobby:

Shenna is a very knowledgeable, focused, articulate woman. Should she enter the race for U.S. Senate, Mainers can be assured of a campaign in which the issues get fully addressed. That's healthy for our democracy.

2012 U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Ian Dodge

I think it will make for an interesting match-up. It is possible, of course, to argue that progressive libertarian is a nonsense [phrase]. (Just like libertarian socialists cannot exist.) I am not sure her party will let her be more libertarian than social democrat (aka progressive). I suspect she will have a hard time attracting libertarians running as a Democrat considering the poor record the Democrats have of protecting our individual rights and liberties (esp. under Obama). Collins, of course, has a terrible record on that front as well. When it comes to liberty and freedom they are really the same. Needless to say I shall not be voting for either.

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