Friday, October 11, 2013

Nemitz Comes Alive

Before last week it'd been years since Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz had said much of anything about Sen. Susan Collins. But now he seems to be making up for lost time:

The point here is not the notorious thinness of the senator’s skin or her remarkable ability to appease the extreme elements of the Republican Party while clinging to her image as Maine’s matriarch of moderation.

Rather, it's Collins' startling inability (or refusal) to separate this week's top Republican talking point ("Deadline? What deadline?") from the inescapable truth about the world's already skittish financial markets: Fast-spreading fear, not the precise proximity of the lightning bolt, is what starts a stampede.


Collins, meanwhile, struggles to placate the right-wing extremists in the House of Representatives while presenting herself as the voice of compromise and reason--all as her campaign for a fourth term (remember she vowed she'd serve only two?) looms just around the corner.

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