Thursday, September 20, 2007

BDN Double Standard?

Yesterday, we commented at some length about BDN's decision to cloak objective, verifiable facts in the language of "he said/she said."

Specifically, Tom Groening's article on Sen. Collins' decision to break her two-term pledge seemed carefully constructed to avoid blurting out the obvious and undisputed truth that Collins is in the process of breaking a promise to voters.

Well today, BDN runs a story on Rep. Allen and by Tom Groening. And yet, would you believe that this time there's no hedging and no attribution to the opposing campaign?

This despite the fact that the Maine GOP has been pushing the narrative for some time.

So why is BDN reporting out attacks on Rep. Allen in neutral, objective language while portraying demonstrable facts about the junior senator as mere allegations?

Here at Collins Watch, we'd like to think that Groening took our commentary about the first article to heart, and changed his ways.

But somehow, I'm not convinced that's what's going on here.

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