Saturday, September 1, 2007

Was That So Hard?

Judging from this article and this editorial, The Bangor Daily News seems to have arrived at a reasonable response to the conflict-of-interest that exists given Executive Editor Mark Woodward's ties to Sen. Collins.

Reading the two pieces, one learns:

--Woodward is not involved in formulating the paper's editorial positions.

--Woodward "has asked five newsroom editors to investigate the conflict-of-interest issue, and report on whether any changes are needed."

--Editorial page editor Todd Benoit believes that, "A newspaper has a responsibility to build in safeguards against conflicts, and one way it does this is to announce their potential. for editors to recuse themselves from covering certain stories to deflect even the potential of a potential conflict of interest.

So that's good to know.

It must be said that Benoit's column--which manages to sound haughty and defensive at the same time--knocks down a number of straw men and makes a number of dubious points on the way to basically the right conclusion. (Hint: "Our spouses have to work somewhere" isn't a terribly persuasive defense.)

So let's hope this isn't all just lip service.

But it's Labor Day Weekend--why nitpick? This is definitely a step in the right direction.

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mainefem said...

Considering the spate of layoffs @ both the _PPH_ & _BDN_, an internal audit (by five employees, whose paychecks and benefits are hanging in the wind)is beyond ludicrous.

Too funny.

Executive editors have mucho control over employees (albeit, overt or covert-moreso than that of Tom's cousin's position).

Esp. when dead tree newsprint ad revenues & subscriptions are tanking.

Ethics, schmethics.

Benoit never did acknowledge the failure of reading Ensign's "internet rules playbook" June 6-13 email, huh?

Perhaps Collins, Number Than a Hake, Lance Dutson, & Steve Abbott should re-visit their inboxes....

I "tracked" Tom on three occasions last week; and he didn't appear to mind (nor did I detect Dutson anywhere in sight).