Monday, May 12, 2008

Allen: I'm With Obama

Rep. Allen, a Democatic superdelegate, has thrown his support to Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). Via press release:

"I have been friends for a very long time with former President Clinton and Senator Clinton. I respect their service to our nation. Hillary Clinton has run a vigorous campaign and has attracted a passionate following in Maine and around the country. She loves this country and is a true leader. For her service, I am grateful," he said.

"Most of the primary voters across the nation have now spoken. It is time to bring a graceful end to the primary campaign. We now need to unify the Democratic Party and focus on electing Senator Obama and a working majority in the United States Senate. That is how we can change the direction of the country.

"I am running for the U.S. Senate because I believe Maine should lead the change this country needs. I share important priorities with Barack Obama: universal health care, reining in gas and food prices, greater independence from foreign oil, bringing our troops safely home from Iraq, creating jobs and strengthening the middle class."


"In February I watched a new generation of Mainers become involved in our nominating process because they were energized and hopeful about the future. I watched Independents and Democrats--and even a lot of Republicans--in Maine enthusiastically support Barack Obama because they believe he can and will put America back on track," he said.
Not exactly a surprise.

But it does point, once again, to the enthusiasm gap Sen. Collins is likely to face in the fall: Maine Democrats--who supported Obama overwhelmingly--are energized. Desperate to turn the page, they're excited about the November election.

Maine Republicans? Not as much.

Plain and simple: Sen. Collins will lose her seat in the fall unless she's able to win the votes of many Obama supporters.

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