Sunday, May 18, 2008

BFPF Checks In

Bangor Foreign Policy Forum explains, via e-mail, why their Monday event with Sen. Collins has been closed to the public:

Nothing has changed outside of the unusually large, yet understandable, number of people expressing an interest in attending Monday's talk. Given that the forum is a 501(c)(3) organization that relies on the dues, contributions, and volunteer work of its members, it is standard policy to give members the opportunity to bring a guest, whether a close family member, friend, or colleague, to each and every event. We use a lecture hall with a maximum capacity of 70 people...

In sum, no speaker, regardless of position or title, plays a role in the format of the talks or has a role in the identities of the guests in attendance. We will gladly allow them to invite guests for obvious reasons (Congressman Allen brought 4 staffers). We made sure that a respectable journalist, Mr. Don Carrigan, moderates both events, and we have set aside time as always for questions and answers. Like the event with Congressman Allen, we have invited the media, including MPBN and their Speaking in Maine lecture series. Hopefully they will broadcast this talk...
Good to know.

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