Monday, September 22, 2008

Pocket Book Flashback

Remember, Sen. Collins:

--voted for all three of George Bush's tax cuts for the super-rich, and was the only member of the Maine congressional delegation to do so.

--voted against closing the loophole that gives companies a tax break for shipping jobs overseas.

--voted for the bankruptcy bill written by the credit card companies.

--was one of just 16 senators to vote against raising the minimum wage.

--has raised more than twice as much money from PACs as she has from Mainers.

--has raised almost twice as much money from business PACs as she has from Mainers.

--has raised more money from the finance, insurance and real estate sector than she has from any other industry.

--has been supported via expensive television ad campaigns by no fewer than four corporate-backed, pro-business special interest groups.

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