Friday, August 14, 2009

Collins In Libya

And yet somehow I developed the impression that slowing down health care reform was necessary precisely so that Sen. Collins and her fellow "moderates" could spend the recess doing the serious work required to reach a compromise. Silly me.

Anyway, she's blogging from the road.


Lisa K. said...

Cracks me up that no one canj comment on her blog unless they are a "team member." Just another way to avoid answering to her constituents, I guess. What a clown.

Bruce Bourgoine said...

Another easy way I'm currently using to track Senator Collins avoidance of Maine voters is:

She will argue upon return the national security needs for this trip; how she will justify the timing will be most enlightening. Competing needs necessitate declaring priorities. The here and now vital decisions on Maine citizens health security is apparently not on her agenda.

I'm trying to update the the Collins August Absence also at: