Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Working Vacation?

Via Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press Agency:

Arizona senator and former US presidential candidate John McCain, as well as Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, on Tuesday evening arrived on the Dodecanese holiday island of Rhodes for a short visit.

On Wednesday the three US senators were given a guided tour of the island's capital by Rhodes Mayor Hatzis Hatziefthymiou...Afterwards, the three US lawmakers met with Deputy Foreign Minister Yiannis Valinakis, with talks mostly touching on Greek-American relations.

All three US senators expressed their admiration for the island's natural beauty and praised efforts to preserve cultural heritage in the country.
TripAdvisor notes, "whether your interests are beaches, bars or ancient sites, Rhodes offers an abundance of all three." (More on Rhodes here. Photos here.)

Who do you suppose paid the bill for such vital diplomacy?

Amazingly, no blog posts, as yet, from Sen. Collins about her Greek Island stop. No tweets from Sen. McCain (R-AZ) either.

Probably too busy crafting amendments to improve the prospects of health care reform.

(Photo of a Rhodes beach by mrngr.)


Bruce Bourgoine said...

Of the 31 day Senate "August" Recess, Senator Collins has managed to avoid Maine with this particular trip for 6 (that we know of) days so far. This trip was not essential at this time and engaging in the critical and timely health care debate was essential for Maine citizens.

Ted Cohen said...

By filing a simple FOIA request for the trip's billing records, you could determine whether and how much taxpayers paid for this "working vacation."