Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Observation of the Day

Sen. Collins has proposed exactly the kind of end-of-life care proposal that, in recent days, has been used as a jumping-off point by right-wing scaremongers and lunatics working to hijack the health care reform debate.

With the decibel level rising, Collins has remained silent on the issue, even as the scaremongers have taken center stage in the national debate.

And the Maine press hasn't so much as acknowledged Collins' proximity to the controversy.


Anonymous said...

Sen. Collins and Snowe's cowardice in not holding town meetings is notable.

They are an embarrassment to themselves and this nation. They don't read bills (perhaps I am making a gross assumption that they are even able to read), they vote to spend monies this country does not have, they vote Supreme Court Justices that have clearly have biases, I am unclear what these individuals are doing and doubt they are capable of understanding these complex issues.

It is time for a change...real change in America.

Lisa K. said...

If somebody took an important issue *I* felt strongly about and had worked hard on and then twisted it to make it something shadowy and evil-just to score political points-I would be apoplectic! I would be all over Meet the Press and Hardball and even the vile Fox News Sunday! You would not be able to see me for the dust as I ran from outlet to outlet denouncing these morons! That is what you would expect any person of principle and conviction to do, right? Absolutely right! So, what have we heard from Sen. Collins during this summer of, as Rachel Maddow put it, our ginned-up discontent?

Ummm....nothing. Nada. Crickets.

Yep, the far right wing fascists are crapping all over Collins' proudly announced bipartisan work, essentially calling her a grandma-and-Stephen-Hawkings-murderer, and she sits on her hands and says nothing. Takes it up the wazoo like a good Republican soldier. Doesn't make a peep to defend herself or her bill or in any way take on these dangerous, gun-toting, bloodthirsty freaks. Doesn't even plan on talking to her constituents face to face this summer to explain her reprehensible actions to the people who voted her in. That is cowardice of the highest order and a huge reason why "don't look at me!" Sen. Susan Collins sucks.