Thursday, June 26, 2008


As we've often noted, Sen. Collins seems to have an aversion to answering questions from Maine voters: How else to explain the fact that she hasn't stood before adult Mainers in an open forum for (as far as we can tell) more than 16 months?

Well, there's news. The junior senator is slated to participate in a public panel--and to answer audience questions--on July 11. So mark your calendars!

One caveat: The event starts at 9am, so you'll want to hit the road early. Very early. Y'know what? It might make sense to forget about sleeping the night before.

That's right. What just might be the best (only?) chance between now and election day for average Mainers to pose a question to Sen. Collins is taking place at an elite Washington D.C. think tank 495 miles from the Maine border.

Of course, there could well be Q & A opportunities down the line. But I wouldn't bet on it.

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