Friday, June 6, 2008

More Berman has the scoop:

An organization called The Center For Union Facts has launched a nationwide television ad campaign attacking labor unions and supporting workers rights. Those ads recently ran on stations here in Maine, including NEWS CENTER.


The Center For Union Rights is a Washington D.C. Based 501-c3 non-profit organization...President of the Eastern Maine Labor Council, Jack McKay, says the Center is nothing but a front organization for lobbyists who are pro-big business and anti-union interests. McKay says the organization is run by Richard Berman, a notorious lobbyist for the alcohol, tobacco, and fast food industries.


Collins' Deputy Campaign Manager Felicia Knight issued a written statement addressing the ads.

"Senator Collins' campaign has nothing to do with these ads, which are currently airing in several media markets around the country."
It's one thing, of course, to say that the Collins camp "has nothing to do with the ads."

It would be something else to actually reject Berman's help, or criticize his dishonest, multi-pronged campaign.

UPDATE: From the Berman site FAQ:

"Is this part of a political effort? No. The Center for Union Facts doesn't support candidates for office. We are about education."

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