Monday, June 9, 2008

On the Web

Bill in Portland Maine draws attention to the absence of policy discussion on Sen. Collins' campaign website. It's a topic I've considered tackling for a while. But I kept convincing myself that--surely--more issue detail was just around the corner.

And yet, except for a cursory, backward-looking list of "legislative accomplishments" the site contains virtually no discussion of the challenges facing Mainers and the nation.

That means no policy statement on Iraq. Or on health care. Or the economy, or taxes or education.

It's rather stunning, actually.

Rep. Allen's issues section could certainly use some bulking up. But Bill in Portland Maine is right: Allen's site is positively encyclopedic compared to the junior senator's effort.

Of course, an incisive reporter might wonder whether Collins' decision to forego nuts and bolts discussion signals anything about the nature of her candidacy, or about her priorities in the senate.

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