Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Collins Has Chutzpah

Thankfully, someone gets it. Here's Daniel Weiss, formerly of the Sierra Club:

The U.S. Senate is a body with many senators who are not always ideologically consistent. Nonetheless, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) set a new standard for "Senatorial Chutzpah" today by announcing her support for Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) big oil bail out bill...

Sen. Collins announced her support for the big oil bail out bill after the paper industry urged her to support it because of its impact on biomass--an important industry in Maine. Yet EPA will focus its efforts on the largest pollution sources--those that emit more than 75,000 tons of global warming pollution per year. The only requirement for biomass is that it has to measure its pollution emissions.

In 2008, the League of Conservation Voters endorsed Senator Collins for reelection. At the time, she said:
Maine's future depends on clean air, clean water, and clean energy, and I will continue to work with LCV and forward thinking leaders from both parties to ensure a cleaner future for us all...
Yet today she joins every Republican and only a couple of Democrats to support the big oil bail out bill that maintains status quo energy policies that Senator Collins says that she wants to change. This is hardly "forward thinking" or working across party lines.
Still waiting to hear back from the LCV national office and the Maine LCV. The silence is telling.

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