Monday, June 28, 2010

More Good Faith Negotiating

After inserting a regulatory carve out into the financial reform bill, Sen. Collins is now talking about bolting:

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) joined Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) this evening, putting herself back into the undecided column on Wall Street reform legislation, after House and Senate negotiators added new fees on banks to the final bill late last week.


If both she and Brown oppose financial reform over bank fees, it could stall or even kill the legislation.
My guess is that she's angling, on behalf of her corporate patrons, for a favor somewhere down the road. (Or maybe she'd just like another dinner with someone important.)

But it's certainly possible that she'll pull the plug on the whole thing. I, for one, wouldn't be shocked.

And after the junior senator's "work" on the stimulus, health care and the various unemployment benefits packages, no one in the White House or in the Senate should be surprised either.

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Lisa K. said...

I am of the *firm* belief that people get the government they deserve, and I offer as proof the oceans of low information voters in this state who keep turning out in droves to give these dimwitted, teabagging, power-thirsty Stepford Wives 60+% of the vote (including, I betcha, the majority of those whose unemployment benefits have run out as a result of the senators' actions). Last I looked, Obama had a pretty healthy approval rating in this state, yet we are represented by a pair of Palin reduxes who are doing everything in their derail him, who put party first but are continually rewarded for it by people who are more impressed that they show up at local eateries and hockey games than actually work in their constituents' interest.