Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deficit Attention Disorder

When the bill came due on tax cuts for billionaires and sweetheart military contracts, Sen. Collins was more than happy to let the next generation pick up the tab.

But when the subject turns to Medicaid and unemployment benefits for average Americans, suddenly the junior senator is quick to draw a line in the sand.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants the Senate to pass the worker benefits, aid to states and tax breaks to spur job creation before the House takes up the Medicare fix. But House leaders are coming under heavy pressure from physician groups and AARP, however, after the Senate passed a fully offset 'doc fix' last week."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid also quickly wants to pass the extenders bill that includes aid to states for Medicaid spending, unemployment benefits and tax breaks. "For now, he and Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus are trying win over Maine Republican Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins by making additional cuts to the bill's cost." (Emphasis mine.)
It's a good thing there aren't any unemployed Mainers, and that no one in the state relies on Medicaid.

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