Thursday, February 4, 2010

BDN Lectures Collins on Constitution

As a rule, BDN doesn't directly criticize Saint Susan--I mean Sen. Collins--in its editorials. But you don't need to read too far between the lines here:

The U.S. Constitution requires that foreign detainees have the same right to a trial as U.S. natives. The Supreme Court upheld this view more than 100 years ago and several times in recent years has ruled that detainees in the so-called war on terror must have access to the judicial system.

So, a bill to ban civilian trials for suspected terrorists, as some have proposed be introduced in Congress, would be a waste of time.
Of course, what BDN thinks is almost beside the point: Collins' rhetoric during this episode hasn't been intended for a local audience. She's not trying to influence Mainers or win their support.

Rather, she's engaged in a calculated, self-conscious attempt to wound President Obama and Democrats, as part of a national political strategy based on fear and misdirection.

She may even succeed. But it's already clear that any success will come at a substantial cost to her moderate bipartisan centrist image.

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kalliek said...

I find it curious that so many moderate Republicans are making such extreme and verifiably false public statements lately. Collins is a perfect example of this. Her behavior is clearly part of a larger, focused GOP disinformation campaign. More interesting to me is what is being used as leverage against these moderates?

I suspect these attack jobs go to recently reelected Senators, who will lose GOP support for their next election or be "primaried" by the national party if they don't do the job well. No wonder the GOP seem to have such trouble understanding democracy...