Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crisis Management Mode

Just a week ago, Sen. Collins had a national platform and was on the attack. This morning, she dialed in to a local talk radio show to--in the show's own words--"defend her criticism" of President Obama.

Things haven't exactly gone according to plan.

Not surprisingly, Collins spends much of the interview on the defensive, testily delivering the talking points she's been using since the argument turned against her.

But she also manages to deliver this gem: "What's frustrating to me is that it's [the discussion of Abdulmutallab] becoming politicized."


This is a woman who teed off the discussion by quipping, "this administration cannot see a foreign terrorist even when he stands right in front of them."

On the radio, the junior senator tries to walk back that ridiculous, overheated rhetoric--at least implicitly--by saying, "I'm not seeking someone's head. I'm not calling for someone to be fired."

But really, who is she kidding? Not the host, who basically calls her out on her hypocrisy and bad faith.

It seems the damage to the junior senator's reputation has already been done.

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