Thursday, February 4, 2010

More on the Mitchell Interview

Everyone really ought to watch Sen. Collins' unsteady, damaging TV debut as the GOP's civil liberties attack dog. A few more thoughts:

1. Gasping for air is a public-speaking no-no. And it's a pretty good sign you're losing the argument.

2. In the closing minutes, Collins situates herself, quite openly, on the outer fringes of the debate, attacking the Bush administration's civil liberties record from the right.

3. Invoking Jose Padilla by name, Collins makes it abundantly clear that she's comfortable with federal marshals scooping up American citizens, locking them in closets and throwing away the keys--as long as someone in the government is ready to call them "terrorists."

What's more, she'll trash any president who disagrees. At least if he's a Democrat.

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