Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Even The AP

You know you're in trouble when the AP calls your position flat-out wrong:

After the Christmas plot, however, the president's critics say the administration should have treated Abdulmutalab as an enemy combatant. The right to a lawyer, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, alleged last week, is reserved for American citizens, not foreign terrorists.

Collins is wrong. Immigrants, even those who entered the country illegally, are guaranteed lawyers in the U.S. when they commit a crime.
It's not exactly clear where Collins or other critics suggest Abdulmuttallab should have been sent...

Had Obama sent Abdulmutallab to a military prison, there's no guarantee he would have talked. But it's certain there would have been a yearslong court challenge like the ones that stalled Bush's anti-terrorism policies...

Which means that, years later, Obama, like Bush, would face the question of what to do with dangerous prisoners who can neither be prosecuted nor set free.

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