Thursday, August 21, 2008

Allen: Collins is For Corporations

This seems to be emerging as standard attack line from the Allen folks. Here's Rep. Allen in Portland today:

The Chamber and other allies of Susan Collins--like WalMart--have for weeks now attacked me and Maine's working men and women with distortions. The very names of their front groups--like Coalition for a Democratic Workplace and Employee Freedom--are lies.


Why are Susan Collins' allies in the U.S. Chamber attacking me and Maine's working people? Because they don't want change.

They want people to work hard for them, but they don't want them to be able to bargain for better health care benefits and fair wages.

They don't want change. They want more of the same.

The same Bush-Collins economic policies that give massive tax breaks to the superwealthy and the big corporations while working people fall farther and farther behind.

Susan Collins is on their side. She has voted down the line for the Bush economic policies.

That is why these big corporations and the U.S. Chamber are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars--now about $800,000--into television and radio ads that the Brunswick Times Record rightly called "sleazy."
(Via press release.)

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