Friday, August 8, 2008

Collins with Bush: 77%

PolitickerME points us to a nifty new feature at A rundown of presidential support scores for every member of Congress.

Sen. Collins clocks in at 77%: She's sided with the President on just more than three out of every four votes over the last seven-plus years.

(Rep. Allen, by contrasts, has supported the position of President Bush a measly 18% of the time.)

We knew the junior senator's Bush support number was in this neighborhood: Collins has successfully nudged it down a bit since she clocked in at 81% a couple of months back.

Still, it's helpful to have the entire matrix available in one spot for all to see. And to have a full explanation of the methodology.

Since the score is derived from 564 votes, it's not likely to budge much over the next few months.

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