Thursday, August 7, 2008

Collins: Unions Worse Than Mafia

This just in from PolitickerME:

Sen. Susan Collins agrees with the message in several ads that attack opponent and U.S. Rep. Tom Allen for his support of the Employee Free Choice Act...a spokesman for her campaign said Wednesday.
So there you go.

The junior senator is now on the record endorsing the view that unions, as a group, are more pernicious than mafia.

She's on the record standing behind the lies debunked here and the smear that unions, collectively, are mere tools of organized crime.

And her spokesman is on the record parroting the lie that the Employee Free Choice Act would eliminate the private ballot in union elections. (It wouldn't.)

It's been clear for weeks that Collins and her team were more than happy to benefit from misleading corporate-backed, anti-union ads and the false impressions they create.

But I'm positively stunned that a spokesman would acknowledge that Susan Collins agrees with the ugly smears and lies at the core of the various ad campaigns.

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Anonymous said...

The ad is like one launched against Al Franken in MN, where a TV news show did a great fact check on it.

The vidio clip can be seen on:

click: WCCO-TV "Reality Check", 7/9/08 WCCO-TV examines the new ad from the "Coalition for a Democratic Workplace."

Could come in handy in Main. Maybe nationwide.