Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Interview Roundup

The print version of the Press Herald story is here. It's not terrible, but it studiously avoids any attempt to contextualize Sen. Collins' comments, or tell readers why they matter.

Granted, it's not hard to figure out why the junior senator's speculations were unseemly. And maybe there's an editorial coming. But it would have been helpful to have a few words of analysis from a political expert.

The article also states, incorrectly, that the video is circulating, "mainly on political blogs written by Democrats." Even at press time, this wasn't true: By my count, the video was live at five non-partisan sites (including PPH's own homepage and and five partisan ones.

Elsewhere, WGME runs a piece, WCSH completely mischaracterizes what transpired during the radio interview, PolitickerME dubs Collins one of its losers of the week and Jeff Parson embraces his moment.

And as of this afternoon, BDN and Foster's Daily Democrat were both still featuring uncorrected versions of a since-corrected AP story that repeats WCSH's error.

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