Monday, August 11, 2008

But But But

Get ready to see push back from Sen. Collins' camp on CQ's well-documented report that the junior senator has voted with President Bush 77% of the time.

Keep in mind that the 77% figure radically understates Collins' support for the Bush agenda: When you look only at the President's top legislative priorities over the last seven-plus years, she been with the White House 100% of the time.

But the Collins team is likely to focus on the fact that the 77% figure is among the lowest Bush support scores for senate Republicans.

The obvious retort to this argument is: So what?

If you got pulled over for driving 95mph, would you complain to the officer that someone else was going even faster?

Not if you knew what was good for you.

Look: Sen. Susan Collins made the decision to side with President Bush on more than three out of every four votes. Period.

Talking about where that puts her among her colleagues isn't a defense or explanation of that choice.

It's an attempt to distract attention from that choice.

NOTE: We've added a larger version of the photo above to the Collins Watch Flickr group.


Anonymous said...

You morons keep using pictures of Collins signing bills into law with Bush. She's not hanging out and hobnobbing, it's called a Signing Ceremony, it's what happens when you introduce a bill that becomes law. It's what most legislators do.

Except for Tom Allen. You see, try as you might, you'll never find a picture of Tom Allen in a similar situation, with Bush or Clinton for that matter. Because in 12 years he's never had a bill signed into law.

Every time you show these, you remind people of this fact. Nicely done.

Maine Owl said...

I believe this is the signing ceremony for the 2004 intelligence reform bill. Senator Collins was allowed to play as long as she went along with whatever the Pentagon wanted. Collins has not been able to use her power effectively. She has been a very subservient figure within the operations the Bush government conducts.