Monday, August 18, 2008

EQME: Collins In "Lockstep"

Breaking with Human Rights Campaign, local LGBT advocacy org EqualityMaine has endorsed Rep. Allen.

And they take a couple of swipes at Sen. Collins in the process:

"After repeated requests for her to sponsor legislation, Senator Collins has called for a re-examination of this policy, but that is simply not enough," said [Executive Director Betsy] Smith. "Until it is repealed, Don't Ask, Don't Tell will undermine national security and perpetuate discrimination against LGBT Americans who serve their country."


Smith added, “Congressman Allen has refused to vote in lockstep with the most anti-LGBT administration in modern history. His votes have broken with this administration over 80 percent of the time. Meanwhile, Senator Collins chose to vote with this anti-LGBT administration 77 percent of the time. She has also supported the confirmation of highly conservative court appointees, setting back progress on relationship recognition issues and endangering critical protections for our allies, for women and for choice.”
So, why do EQME and HRC see things so differently?

In a nutshell, it's the difference between a local organization focused on issues and a Washington-based group obsessed with Capitol Hill power dynamics.

(Via TMB.)

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