Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Collins on Energy

Sen. Collins' campaign has posted a new video that purports to outline the junior senator's position on energy.

But after four minutes and 11 seconds, we're still no closer to knowing why Collins voted for the pork-laden, environmentally-disastrous Cheney energy bill.

Look: It's one thing to make promises in the heat of a campaign. It's another thing entirely to stand up for Mainers--and for energy independence--when it counts.

On the Cheney energy bill, Susan Collins had a chance to bolster her moderate, pragmatic credentials. She refused that chance.

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Anonymous said...

Again, if this standard applies to Susan Collins, why doesn't it apply to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, or all the other Democrats who voted for this bill?

Is Barack Obama a right wing patsy for Dick Cheney?