Friday, August 1, 2008

Collins Photo Sharing

We've started a photo-sharing group at Flickr.

Here's the idea: We'd like to use the group as a hub for user-generated and copyright-free images of--and relating to--Sen. Susan Collins and the Allen-Collins race.

So, for example: If you attend a parade or campaign event and snap a great photo--posting it here would make it available to a wider audience.

And if you're a local blogger covering the race, the group can serve as a safe way to locate free images.

One important point: The group is not intended as a place to park photos scavenged from stock photo collections and other privately-owned sites on the internet.

It's meant, instead, as a place to upload photos you've personally taken and photos pulled from copyright-free venues--sites run by the federal government, for example.

We've kicked the group off with three copyright-free photos from Sen. Collins' senate website.

Won't you join us?

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