Thursday, August 21, 2008

Centrism Watch

I'm not suggesting we had anything to do with it. But lately, we've been seeing at least a slight move away from the standard Sen. Collins-as-centrist formula in some prestigious publication.

Instead of referring to the junior senator--without qualification--as a "moderate," these outlets are hedging by saying that Collins "is seen" as a moderate.

Or that she's a moderate "at least on social issues." Or that she "is viewed as a moderate when compared to her national party."

As welcome as this development is, these publications are still straddling: The truth is, either Collins is a moderate or she isn't. And clearly, having backed the position of our radical, reactionary President on more than three out of every four votes over the years, she isn't.

Everyone knows that it's the job of the press to separate the fact from the rumor and appearance from reality.

So can we please here less about how Susan Collins is seen and more about, for example, how she's performed in office?

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