Sunday, August 31, 2008

The VoteVets Ad

In contrast to the corporate-backed propaganda flooding into Maine in support of Sen. Collins, this ad doesn't try to trick voters into believing the opposite of the truth: It's basically factual.

Still, one of its core claims--that Collins "stood by and let all this happen"--is an oversimplification.

After all, the junior senator didn't just stand by as Iraq turned into a mess and then a catastrophe. She ratified President Bush's policy in vote after vote after vote.

And when that started to look like a dangerous strategy politically, she embraced a
trifling proposal designed to divert attention from the war's tragic mismanagement, human toll and economic cost. (Two months before Election Day, she's still mum on these issues.)

Meanwhile, to this day, she continues to reject any Iraq withdrawal timeline--even now that Prime Minister Maliki has demanded one and George W. Bush himself is on board.

So, yes: Susan Collins is guilty of sins of omission when it comes to Iraq. And those sins are flagrant, numerous and breathtaking in their scope.

But she's guilty of sins of commission as well.

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