Monday, September 29, 2008

Allen 'Yea' On Bailout?

The New York Times links to this page for the House bailout roll call.

The bill's title appears to be wrong, but the vote tally seems correct. So it's hard to know what to conclude.

We're waiting for official word.

UPDATE: Maine Politics links to this article. Allen voted for it.

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Maine Owl said...

That is correct. Allen's a yea on bailout. (I think that the legislation was thrown up so hastily that it got a catch-all file number, hence the incorrect copy.)

In my opinion, this is a breathtakingly stupid waste of an opportunity. Tom could separate himself from Collins, and be a "maverick" Maine Democrat, like Mike Michaud who voted no. Maine people would like that.

If this "crisis" has the dimensions of the Great Depression, we need a New Deal, not an expansion of the game putting taxpayers on the hook.