Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Opening

Sen. Collins has clearly given Rep. Allen an opening with her cowardly, hypocritical reaction to the widening financial crisis.

Admittedly, it's not clear how big the opening is. But against the backdrop of her staunchly pro-corporate record and her campaign's heavy reliance on business PACs and business-backed astroturf groups, an opportunity for Allen undoubtedly exists.

The question is whether Allen and his allies will capitalize on it.

Will the Allen campaign and third-party groups draw sharp contrasts that show the yawning gap between the two candidates on the economy?

Will they connect the dots between Sen. Collins eager support from Wall Street and the votes she's cast over the years?


Anonymous said...

Dude- Who are you talking to?

Anonymous said...

People looking up our representatives' stance on the $700B bailout are likely stumbling here. Susan Collins is up for re-election this year.

But the name of the blog tells me it's going to be a bit biased.

I've voted for Susan Collins before. If she does vote for this bailout, she's definitely not getting my vote this year.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what in the course of the tepid Allen campaign so far leads you to even think he might go so far as to meekly question Collins' stance on these issues?

Maine Owl said...

For GOD SAKES, everybody get on Allen to take a strong stand against a no-strings bailout. Digby put up a great post yesterday up explaining the potential TRAP for Democrats, and the opportunity for those with SPINE. Tom Allen, DO YOU HAVE SPINE?