Friday, September 5, 2008

Lockstep, But With What?

I've seen a few letters like this one from Terry Hamm-Morris. So let me make an obvious point.

The problem with Sen. Collins' voting record isn't that it's somehow unseemly, in the abstract, for her to have sided with the President as often as she has--77% of the time.

No: The problem is that President Bush's radical, illiberal and costly agenda is out of step with the needs of Mainers. And that Collins has supported that particular agenda so often.

So accusing Rep. Allen of being in lockstep with the leaders of the Democratic party isn't exactly a stinging charge. And to be honest, it's a puzzling thing to see Republicans stressing.

Because the Democratic agenda (universal health care, tax cuts for the middle class, energy independence, reproductive freedom) is pretty much the agenda Mainers want out of their federal government.

So it's really no wonder that Allen is squarely behind it.

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