Monday, September 8, 2008

Power Dynamics

Sen. Collins continues to run a campaign completely devoid of the big issues. And eight weeks before Election Day, there's still no evidence that anyone in the Maine media feels an obligation to challenge that dynamic.

But as the junior senator hops around the state touting her skill at bringing home the bacon, there's another important question for the local media: Will outlets let Collins--the 68th most powerful senator in 2007--continue to get away with framing herself as a Capitol Hill power broker?

Remember, Susan Collins ranks in the bottom half among Republicans for effectiveness, and 10 out of 13 from the class of 1996. When it comes to earmarks, she ranks 63rd--behind several senators elected less than two years ago.

Yet she's running as if her ability to get things done for Maine is her strongest suit.

Will anyone in the Maine press come anywhere near challenging that message? Or would that be unseemly?

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