Friday, September 19, 2008

New Poll: Collins +13

Rasmussen's September numbers are out, and they show the race narrowing modestly since August:

Tom Allen (D): 42 (38) (42) (42) (42) (38)

Susan Collins (R-inc): 55 (53) (49) (49) (52) (54)

Numbers in parenthesis represent results from previous months.

The poll is certainly better news for Rep. Allen than last week's Research 2000

On the other hand, it shows Sen. Collins gaining rather than bleeding support. So it's still true that Allen will need to shake up the race, and the narratives that have cropped up around it, if he is going to make this thing close.

Much of Allen's improvement in the latest survey seems to come from a six point drop in Collins' support from Democrats--which still clocks in at a relatively high 23%.

So there's plenty of room for further narrowing.

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